Writer: Gordon Mclean

Gordon is an award-winning writer who has worked across comics, film and TV.

    His previous comic collaboration with Caio, No More Heroes, won the SICBA for Best Comic. He's written and produced a number of films and won a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award for the mini-series Mission 1212. He also wrote for STV's sketch comedy /Comedy.

  He's also a founder of Trongate Publishing who specialise in social outreach projects in addition to general publishing work.


Artist: Caio Oliveira

Caio is a Brazilian artist who has been making indie comics for a few years now. He has been teaming up with some great partners on comics like No More Heroes and Exit Generation or flying solo on comics like Super-Ego.

 He also drew a lot of web comics that you can check and read online for free on sequentialink.com.


Colorist: Fahriza Kamaputra

Fahriza was born in 1983 and raised in southern Jakarta. Fahriza grew up immersed in comic books and video games which kept his interest even after finishing school and studying IT at college.

 It was because of his interest and the inspiration of other great artists in Indonesia that he decided to follow his dreams to do coloring, self-taught illustration and with the help of friends to become an artist.

 Since 2010 he’s worked as freelance colorist.

Letterer: Frank Cvetkovic

As a comic book letterer, Frank does a little more than just putting words in bubbles. For instance, sometimes he also puts them in boxes. His work can be seen in Molly Danger, Count Crowley, Errand Boys, Triage and The Once And Future Queen."